Our mission at SafeHealth, Inc., is to foster safe and healthy workplaces throughout North Alabama. We target our health and safety professional preparation and experience towards evolving and changing the lives of individuals, employees, businesses, industries and government groups in our community to help them realize the cost-saving impact of health-based corporate strategies, plans and initiatives on productivity and pride in our community. At SafeHealth, we want to enhance the wellbeing of our community through careful integration of health modes both in and out of the workplace.
<blockquote>SafeHealth’s goal is optimal health and safety for our community. We integrate cost-effective, holistic health approaches to empower individuals and businesses to continually evolve towards optimal holistic health and fiscal well-being.</blockquote>
SafeHealth, Inc., is a small, woman-owned business that has been in operation since 1993. Over the last 20+ years, we’ve worked with most of the major defense contractor companies in North Alabama, such as Boeing, Motorola, United Technologies, First Commercial Bank, and Intergraph, as well as with federal agencies operating in North Alabama, such as NASA. We’ve developed and managed occupational health services for these employers, trained supervisors and workers in OSHA-approved safety practices, provided ergonomic evaluations and consultations, and developed and managed occupational health programs for their employees. SafeHealth has received awards from the U.S. Small Business Administration, the Huntsville-Madison County Chamber of Commerce and others for performance, entrepreneurship, and ethics in business.

SafeHealth’s medical philosophy encompasses a myriad of health modes, from conventional medicine to holistic medicine; we are concerned with the whole person and the services we offer are designed not only to fit employers’ budgets, but to accommodate employees’ needs and lifestyles. Since we are a small company, we are flexible and nimble and can develop and provide services to Alabama employers, employees, and individuals.

Services for employers and employees include drug-free workplace programs and training for both supervisors and workers, employee group smoking cessation classes, safety consultations and training, employee education, ergonomic services, on-site flu clinics, on-site nurses, and on-site medical services. We also offer services for individuals, including Interactive Guided Imagery? sessions and smoking cessation sessions.