Drug-Free Workplace

American society faces a pervasive substance-abuse problem in the workplace. Drug abuse, including alcohol abuse, poses an enormous risk to the business community for employers and employees alike. Drug abuse decreases productivity and increases accidents, absenteeism, product defects, medical and insurance costs, and employee theft. For employees, the consequences of drug abuse can be disastrous for users and their families and can affect coworkers and customers, too. For employers, consequences to their business are bad enough, but in a highly technical workplace community like that of North Alabama’s defense contractors and government agencies, substance abuse in the workplace can have far-reaching and devastating effects.

SafeHealth’s drug-free workplace service complies with federal, state and local regulations and is geared towards helping employers and employees alike in maintaining a workforce free from drug abuse. This service is ideal for small companies who need more flexibility in developing a drug-free workplace. We have a long history of delivering this program, having implemented it at over 20 companies in North Alabama. We provide:

  • Drug/alcohol screening
    • Urine tests
    • Blood tests
    • Hair tests
    • DOT CDL testing for drivers
    • Pre-employment/post-offer screening
    • Post-entry screening
    • Random screening
    • Post-accident/incident screening
    • Reasonable suspicion screening
    • Post-rehabilitation screening
    • Routine fitness-for-duty screening
    • Onsite/offsite drug screen collection
  • 24-48 hour reporting
  • Full program administration available
  • Laboratory certified by all major laboratory accrediting agencies and nationally certified by Substance Abuse Mental Health Service Agency (SAMSHA), required by Federal and Alabama law
  • Random selection program
  • Leading Medical Review Officer (MRO)
  • Drug-free workplace training
    • Supervisor
    • Employee
  • Nationwide collection
  • Remote employee services