According to the Academy for Guided Imagery, Interactive Guided Imagerysm is an innovative process that works directly with the images that arise from your imagination and inner wisdom. These images reflect the inner working of your own healing processes and permit access to critical information about the issue at hand. With a certified guide, IGIsm helps you retrieve and utilize the insights, resources, and solutions that arise from your own unconscious. The guide is not a therapist, but is a necessary part of the process of IGIsm and assists participants in accessing their own internal resources for discernment, to relieve personal fears, access personal inner wisdom and reach personal goals with unique individual empowerment.

SafeHealth’s guided imagery service provides a certified guide who uses IGIsm to facilitate an enhanced awareness of your unconscious imagery and helps you learn to effectively work with the imagery to help heal yourself. IGIsm engages you in your own healing process and is an approach that empowers you and enhances the power of healing in the therapeutic encounter. Research shows that the endocrine, nervous and immune systems are intimately connected, so imagery has powerful physiological consequences directed related to the healing systems of the body.

Research studies show that guided imagery is effective in treating/managing a multitude of issues. SafeHealth has used it successfully with clients seeking help for everything from medical conditions to psychological conditions to coping with major life changes. SafeHealth’s IGIsm service has helped clients relieve symptoms, stimulate healing and make critical lifestyle changes that support and encourage healing and personal growth.

Why is SafeHealth’s IGIsm service so effective and powerful?

It is interactive, one-on-one, between you and our dedicated IGIsm professional
It is completely unique and tailored to the individual (not one-size-fits-all)
It is performed by a certified, caring guide with 15 years’ experience

Worry/anxiety/fear has a profoundly negative effect on your health; research shows the absence of fear can positively affect your health. Worry is using your imagination – it is imaging things that have not happened and may never happen. So, if you can worry, you can harness your brain for wellness with the use of the techniques of Interactive Guided Imagerysm.
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