SafeHealth can provide professional occupational health nurses, registered nurses, or nurse practitioners on-site to enhance wellness with clinical expertise, providing services such as on-site clinic development, health fairs, wellness programs and more. For instance, sitting down with a holistic RN for a one-on-one 10-minute review of bloodwork results is a service that employees find particularly helpful. Employers can benefit from nurses who provide on-site case management, which can decrease time off the job, care expense and benefit utilization.

SafeHealth can help employers develop, plan and administer a holistic wellness program that’s right for their particular employees, such as programs to stop smoking, lunch-and-learn presentation series on relevant health topics, and preventive health screenings. SafeHealth can also provide orientation and resources for current on-site healthcare employees not trained or experienced in occupational health. Our on-site nurse programs are customized for each unique situation and can include:

  • On-site clinic development and management
  • On-site case management
  • Orientation and resources for in-house employees
  • Health professional assessment and referral
  • Health fair planning and administration:
    • Cardiometabolic risk factors
    • Blood sugar measurement
    • Bone density scan
    • Vision testing and certification, as needed
    • Blood pressure measurement with integrative holistic counseling
    • Health/wellness assessment and counseling
    • Remote employee services
    • Customized services
  • Wellness programs
  • Professional assessment, coordination, and appropriate referral to hospital/caregiver (corporate or individual choice)
  • Professional assessment and appropriate referral to relevant Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
  • Other customized services